We sell vegetables and fruits


Currently we are working with wholesalers and supermarket chains in various European countries.


Joining forces, we service smaller markets, with lower frequency of purchases, as well as successfully we carry out campaigns and promotions on very thriving markets, with a significant frequency of delivery.

These capabilities are possible only thanks to very good cooperation with our growers, mutual trust, knowledge and expirience.

We are open to new customers and we search them by ourselves, because always we want to develope new business relations. Very important for us is transparency and ethics of the actions of our customers.

About Us

Company Vegeland is created to export Polish fruits and vegetables to all the countries of the European Union, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

Every year we send to our partners about 5 000 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables. Being aware of the quality of Polish products, we compete on such demanding markets such as the UK and the Dutch, Belgian and Finnish.

Processes packaging of fruits and vegetables and customizing packages to customers' requirements perfectly mastered, but still we are constantly working on improving these processes.




Ul.3 Maja 484
39-100 Ropczyce
T. +48 728 959 997

NIP 687 185 78 47
REGON 180 36 73 53